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Hello, friends welcome back to another interesting topic. Our today’s topic is for mobile lovers. Many people love their mobiles and want beautiful wallpaper app for their phones. They use many wallpaper apps to find a good wallpaper app to make their phones beautiful. Some peoples download multiple apps for wallpapers but these apps don’t fulfil their wish to have a beautiful app for wallpapers. Peoples love different types of wallpapers like car wallpaper, Bikes wallpaper, Computer wallpaper, Smartphone wallpaper, Natural view wallpaper, River and Sea views wallpaper, Books wallpaper, sports wallpaper, Wrestling wallpaper and Animal wallpaper like Dog, cat, Horse, Bull wallpaper etc. They search for Wallapaper apps too much to download the best wallpapers app that will provide them with the wallpapers they want with HD quality. They install many apps and then remove them from their phone because these apps cant provide them with what they want.


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It is very difficult to find the right wallpaper app that gives us what we want. I used many apps for wallpapers, 80% of them just provide a single category wallpaper. For example, if you use a sports wallpaper app It will only provide you with sports wallpaper and nothing else. This is very disappointing for those people who want different types of wallpaper in one app. If you are worried about this, I have good news for you. In this article, I will tell you about an all-in-one wallpaper app. This app will provide you with all types of wallpaper which you want. I am going to explain to you how to download and use this app on your phone. After complete reading this article you will be able to find your favourite wallpaper just in one app.

How to use the wallpaper app:

This is very easy to find wallpapers in this app. Open this app after downloading it. You will see 5 options in the menu bar categories, recent wallpapers, Weekly popular wallpapers, Monthly popular wallpapers and Most popular wallpapers. This menu bar will show you the most popular wallpapers of most recent times in different sections, but I will suggest you go to the categories section and search for the wallpapers that you are looking for.

Menu Bar of QHD app:

Now let me tell you about the awesome features of this app. When you will open the QHD Wallpapers you will see the five options.

  • Categories
  • Recent
  • Weekly Popular
  • Monthly Popular
  • Most Popular

Wallpaper catageroies of QHD app:

This app has 43 different categories of wallpapers. If you don’t want to search for the wallpaper you can go to these categories. Here you will see thousands of wallpapers in every category. Open any category Scroll down and see attractive and beautiful wallpapers. Here is the list of all the categories of the wallpapers.

  1. Abstract
  2. Animals
  3. Artistic
  4. Astronomy
  5. Autonm
  6. Babies and kids
  7. Birds
  8. Blue and Purple Colour Pictures
  9. Bokeh
  10. Cats
  11. City and Buildings
  12. Classic
  13. Colourful
  14. Dogs
  15. Duck
  16. Fantasy
  17. Festivals
  18. Flowers
  19. Foods and Drinks
  20. Girly
  21. Greenery
  22. Love and Hearts
  23. Monochrome
  24. Mountains
  25. Music
  26. Nature
  27. Night
  28. Ocean
  29. Patterns and textures
  30. Pink roses and colours
  32. Rain and water drops
  33. Randoms
  34. Red flowers and Colours
  35. Sadness
  36. Ship and Boat
  37. Spring
  38. Sunshine
  39. Travel
  40. Vehicles
  41. Winter and Snow
  42. Vintage
  43. Trees and Leaves


Select the wallpaper you want to apply to your screen. Here you will see the following options at the bottom of your screen.


when you have selected your wallpaper and wanted to edit the wallpaper click the edit button. In this section, you can change the colour of the selected wallpaper. You can make your wallpaper black & white. You can increase and decrease the saturation, contrast, and brightness of your wallpaper. In short, you can design your wallpaper as you want and can apply it to your mobile screen and can make it attractive.


By clicking the share button you can share the wallpapers with your friends and on your social media accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc


The fantastic feature of this app is that you can also download the wallpapers which you like and can save the wallpapers as an image in your gallery. Then you can use this as a Whatsapp display picture, or Facebook profile picture and you can also use these wallpapers as a Whatsapp chat theme.

How to set Wallpaper:

After complete editing of your wallpaper, click on the apply button. You will see two options set as home screen and Set as lock and home screen wallpaper. If you want to set your image only for the home screen then choose the home screen option and apply, but if you want to set your image as home screen wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper then choose both options and apply. Go back to your phone’s home screen your wallpaper will be applied. You can change and remove it any time when you want.

How to download the wallpaper app?

If you want to download this wallpaper app on your phone. You will find a download link at the end of this article. Click on the link below and download this app. Install it and find your favourite wallpaper easily.  If you have any queries please tell us in the comment below. we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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