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Hello friends, Are you find the best video player for your phone? Have you used many video players but don’t get a perfect one for watching videos on your phone without any problem? Are you looking for a video player without ads and push notifications? I will tell you about the best video player for an Android mobile phone. Many people download video players from the internet but these don’t play video on your mobile. These video players just show ads and notifications and make your mobile slow. In this article, I will tell you about the best-ever video player apps for mobile phones. These video players are free to use and do not have ads.

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Some peoples have good video players but these video players require an internet connection to play videos. This is not good for everyone because some peoples need a video player to watch videos offline. This article will be very helpful for those who want to watch videos offline on their phone. Because I will give you the best offline video players and I will also tell you how to install and use these video player apps on your phone. At the end of this article, I will tell you the complete process to use these video players without any problem.

How to use these video player apps:

I am going to explain the 4 best video player apps for mobile users. These apps are very good to use without an internet connection. I used these apps for a long time and my experience is very good with these apps. I used these apps to watch long videos like movies, Wrestling videos and Sports highlights. These apps are very good for your phone because they don’t affect your phone battery life and because they don’t require an internet connection to play video. You will become very happy after using these apps.

MX Player:

MX Player is one of the most used players by Andriod users. This player is very simple. Its use is very easy. Most amazing thing is that this player plays your videos offline. It does not require internet. This player shows your videos in different folders. For example, if someone from your contacts sends you a video clip this clip will be shown in the Whatsapp video folder. If you something from your phone camera this player will show your recorded clip in a folder named Camera. The video received from someone’s phone through Bluetooth in your phone this player will show your video in a Bluetooth-named folder.

If you download something from youtube this clip will be shown in a folder named Download. If you save someone’s status from your Whatsapp this status will be shown in a separate folder named Whatsapp Statuses. Its most amazing feature is that you can also save WhatsApp status in it.

How to save status in MX Player?

First of all, open the MX player. Click on the three lines given on the top left side of your phone. Then click the Whatsapp statuses. Here you will see two sections Recents and saved. In recent, you will see all the Whatsapp statuses that your contacts have uploaded.  If you want to save someone’s status click on the arrow given on the top right side of the video and your video will be saved. In MX player you can save anyone’s status with just a click.

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VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is very simple. In this media player videos or clips are not kept in separated folders. All your Whatsapp videos, Whatsapp statuses, download videos and camera recorded videos are shown randomly in this player. You can set your video view according to the date and Video Lenght. In the date view, you will see all your video according to their date of receiving on your phone. You will see your video according to its length if you set the video length view on the VLC media player.

Playit video player app:

This video player is not very popular but it is very helpful to play some videos which can’t play in other video player apps like VLC player and MX Player. If you download a video and you try MX player to watch the video, But MX didn’t open the video and you see a notification on your screen in MX Player to download playit media player. I faced this problem many times in my MX player. Therefore I like playit video players. This video player is better than the MX player and VLC media player.

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APkplaza video player:

This is a very amazing video player for android phones. You can play all your videos in this video player app without facing any problems. I use this video player app instead of Other video player apps. Because it is very simple and it has a good-looking interface. It has a grid view and column view which looks very attractive.

How to download these video player apps?

This is a very important question on how to download these video players. This is very easy to download these players on your phone. You will see a Download button at the bottom of this page. Click on the button and Download these apps for free. Install them on your phone and give them access to your phone videos.



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