Top file transfer apps that can make life easy

Hello Friends, Welcome to an exciting topic with great tips and tricks. I am back with amazing ideas for you that can make your life very easy and simple. These ideas are new to you. You might not already know about these awesome ideas. These ideas will make your life very easy. This will help you to complete your daily routine work without spending much time. These apps will help you with your business and homework. Now I will tell you about the best apps that will make you happy with your life. I will tell you about different apps to help you complete different work. One of these apps will help you file transfer from one device to another device. One will help you to count different things with your phone camera and from photos.

Free file transfer from the phone:

This great app will help you to send files from one device to another device very quickly. If you want to send files to a device Without using Bluetooth, shareit and other apps, you can use this app to share things very quickly.
You can transfer files with this app from one device to another device without creating an account or signing in to your Google account in this app. You have to open this app on both devices.  Open this app after installing it. You will see 2 options on your screen in this app.

  1. Send File
  2. Put code

Click on the send files option on the device from which you want to send something. It will show all files on your phone like videos, Pictures, and documents. Select the file which you want to send and click on the send button. This app will generate a code for your file transfer. Code this code and go to your other device. Open this app on the second device on which you want to receive files, paste this code into the second option and click receive button. Your file will transfer in a few seconds. This is the best method to transfer files, videos and pictures from one phone to another phone.

Benefits of file transfer app:

This app is not only for mobile phones. You can use this app to send something to your computer from your phone without any internet connection or Data cable. If you want to use this app on your phone then you have to install it but if you’re going to use it on your computer you can use this app without installing it. Just open your chrome or Firefox and search this app. Click on the first link here you see its 2 options for sending and receiving files. I always use this app to send and receive files and documents from my phone or computer to any other. Because in this case I securely send and receive files without signing in to my google account on other devices.

It is complicated to sign in to your google account on any unknown device to get some files. It can be dangerous for you and your personal information. Therefore I will not recommend you to sign in or create an account on any unknown app for file transfer. Because some apps can steal your data from your account. For this situation, this app is the most secure method with which you can send and receive files without any risk. This app is not much popular in the segment of file-sharing apps but this app is awesome and free to use.

The best thing about this app is that we can use it on both computers and phones. This app is very different from other sharing apps like Zapya, Shareit, WhatsApp, IMO and Other apps. There are many good things about this app but this will take much time to explain them. At the end of this article, I will tell you how to download this app.

Count things from photos

Now I am going to tell you about an amazing app that will help you to count things from photos and with your phone’s camera. You can count different thing’s with this app like coins, pencils, Buttons, seeds, people and many other countable things. This app is very useful. I use this app to count my coins, pens, and other daily useable things.

How to use this app?

This app is very simple and joyful to use. When you installed this app on your phone open it and allow this to access your phone’s camera and media files like photos and videos. After opening this app selects the picture from which you want to count things and click on the count button. After counting things it will tell you the exact number of things in your picture.

For example

If you want to count pencils from a picture. Upload the picture in this app and click on the count button. This app will tell you how many pencils are in your picture. This is a very satisfying and easy method to count things. This can make your life very easy. You can complete your work very fast with the help of these apps.

If you see something and you want to count them live without taking a photo of these things. You also can count things live with this app. This app allows its user to upload a picture from their phone or Take a live photo to count things. To count things, live open this app and click on the camera icon. Take a picture of these things and get the results of counting. The image taken by this camera will not show in your phone’s gallery without your permission. This is another good feature of this app.

How to download these apps.

After reading this article you will be wondering about how to download these apps. There are many methods to download these apps but I will tell you the very easy method to download these apps. It is a very simple method of app downloading. You will see a download at the bottom of this article. You can download these apps from this button very easily. Download and install these apps on your phone and make your life easier.

Install file transfer app:


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