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Hello friends, In this article, I will tell you about the 4 best Whatsapp versions. If you are looking for an advanced Whatsapp with more features, I will tell you about the Whatsapp version which has amazing options. If you want to use these versions of Whatsapp you can use them very easily. I will tell you the complete method of how to install and use these versions of Whatsapp on mobile phones. I will also explain the new Whatsapp version Na4. NA4 is an amazing and Modern version of Whatsapp which is better than the GB version.

NA4 Whatsapp version:

The NA4 WhatsApp is a new name for us. When I see this version the first time I think this app will not work but I was wrong. My friend said me to install this app. He told me it is better than GB and FM. I don’t take this serious and continue using my GB. One day suddenly my GB stop working and became very sad. After some time I remember the Na4. I installed it and start using it. I was shocked by seen its amazing features. This has more features than other versions of Whatsapp. NA4 become my favourite.

Features of NA4 Whatsapp:

It has 30 security options that make your Whatsapp secure. This Whatsapp has a fingerprint, Face, Pin and pattern lock. The fingerprint and face-lock of NA4 Whatsapp are very responsive. The best feature of NA4 is that you can use both fingerprint and pattern lock at the same time. It is very easy to use. You can apply different wallpaper on your chat screen, you also can set your photos as chat wallpapers in NA4 Whatsapp.

The privacy setting of NA4 is also awesome. I have never seen this type of setting on any Whatsapp in my life. In the NA4 Whatsapp, you can set your settings as you want. No other Whatsapp offers you to set your setting according to you. This thing makes Na4 different from other Whatsapp versions. If someone wants to use 2 Whatsapp on one phone he can use GB and NA4 at the same time.

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GB Whatsapp version:

I am going to tell you about the first version of Whatsapp. It is the best version of Whatsapp. This is one of the most popular versions of Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp is the most used version of Whatsapp. Most people prefer this Whatsapp version because of its excellent features. You can also use this fantastic version. This version offers you all advanced privacy features. It has more features than other Whatsapp versions like FM, Yoo and NA4. If you use GB Whatsapp you can change your basic theme easy easily, you also can switch between light and dark themes on the homepage of GB Whatsapp. The user of normal Whatsapp can’t change the logo but GB users can change the logo of their Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp gives 100+ icons that you can set as your Whatsapp logo to see on the screen of your phone.

In GB Whatsapp you can save anyone’s status in one click. This is the big advantage of GB Whatsapp. You can hide the status view, which means you can watch anyone’s status without showing him. If you want you can hide your online, Blue ticks, Double ticks and status view in GB. In this version, you will see your chats and groups in separate tabs. This is the most unique thing about GB. If you archive any chat and group it will stay archived till you send it back to the home screen.

All things are good in the GB version but only bad thing is that you have to update it one time within a month. This is very disturbing for me to update it again and again without any proper changes. If you are using GB Whatsapp and have some problem you can easily go to NA4 or Yoo Whatsapp.


Yoo Whatsapp Version:

This is 3rd version of Whatsapp. In this version, some features are missing like fingerprint lock, change app icon, save status, light and dark theme archived will stay archived. You will not see these features in Yoo Whatsapp. All necessary options are present on this Whatsapp. You can change your privacy setting like GB. But some advanced features are not present in the privacy setting in the Yoo version. You only can use Pin and Pattern lock for your Whatsapp as we know fingerprint and face lock are not available in this version. Yoo WhatsApp is very to use on a low-quality phone. If your phone’s RAM is less than 2GB then you have to use Yoo Whatsapp instead of the GB version. This version is much lote as compared to high-end versions of Whatsapp. In the terms of features, I think it is very excellent Whatsapp for normal use.


FM Whatsapp Version:

This is the last version of Whatsapp. FM does not have many features therefore it is good to use on any quality phone. It is very similar to the Na4 version of Whatsapp. It has fewer features and all the features are very important. I used this version for 4 months. This is much better than the Yoo and GB Whatsapp. This version is for those people who do not need a lot of security and privacy features but need some extra features to customize their theme and appearance.

Customization of FM Whatsapp:

If you want to customize your Whatsapp according to you then you have to try FM. No other versions Like NA4, GB and Yoo have not many customization options as the FM version. The biggest feature is that you can create your logo for your Whatsapp. You get 3 moods Dat, Night, and Light in this version. In the FM Whatsapp, you can set different wallpapers in different chats. You also can set the wallpaper of your Whatsapp groups. If someone sent you 8 messages it will show 8 instead of the sender’s display picture. This version will show you the last seen of chats with the name and DP on the home screen. You can change the text colour of your messages.

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