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Hello friends, I am back with another interesting topic. I hope you are will be fine. Today I will tell you about an amazing stylish font keyboard. It will run very fast on your phone. When you use this stylish keyboard it will make your phone very beautiful. No one in this world does not know about WhatsApp. Whatsapp is an application which is used for communication. We can make audio and video calls on Whatsapp in any country in the world. Overall it is a top-rated app. If you an also a Whatsapp user then this article will change your life.

Sometimes while talking to your friends on Whatsapp you see that some of your friends are using a stylish font to text you. They sent you messages in different beautiful stylish fonts which look nice. Some people used stylish fonts to write the about section and the name of their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The stylish name attracts people very much. If you want to use these stylish fonts on your phone. Read this complete article I will tell you how to download and use a stylish font keyboard on your mobile. There are a lot of stylish keyboards but I will tell you the best phone that you can use with your Whatsapp without any problem.

Features of the Stylish font keyboard:

After downloading this stylish font keyboard open it. You will see 4 options at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Stylish Fonts
  2. Decorator
  3. Image Maker
  4. Quotes Writer

I will tell you all the details on how to use these features of the stylish keyboard. After reading this article you will become the master of using the stylish font keyboard. Let’s explain how to use these options to write stylish text.

1. Stylish fonts:

In this app’s first option, you will see 120+ stylish fonts that you can use to write your text. write your text on the top of your screen and press enter. Your text will appear in 120+ different styles on your screen. scroll your screen down till the end and see all the stylish fonts of your text. Click on any type to see it in full screen.

  • On the right side of every stylish font, you will see a Whatsapp icon. You can share your stylish message directly on Whatsapp by clicking the Whatsapp icon.
  • After the Whatsapp icon, you will see a button to copy the text. Just click on this button and your text will be copied. You can paste it anywhere you want.
  • In the end, you will see a share button. You can share your text in stylish format to any app on your phone like Facebook, Messages, Gmail, Google Drive, Bluetooth, Instagram and others that you are currently using.

stylish font keyboard

2. Decorator:

The 2nd option is the decorator. Here you will find attractive same fonts but in this option, you can decorate your text with beautiful emojis. You can add lines, hearts, boxes, triangles, leaves, curves, and stars, at the start and end of your text. Overall in this section, you can decorate your text in any style that you like with your favourite font with just a click.


Install the best screen wallpaper app free:

3. Image Maker:

Here you can write stylish text on any picture and coloured background. This app provides you many free background images and very attractive coloured backgrounds. You can choose a multicoloured and single-colour background for your photo. Moreover, you can add your own photo from your gallery. With the help of this app, you can edit your photo for Whatsapp Display pictures, Facebook profile photos and Instagram posts. The best thing about this app is that you can use this app offline and it doesn’t have a watermark.

4. Quotes finder:

This is the last but most interesting topic of this app. You can search for any type of quote like sad quotes, Funny quotes, Love quotes, Inspirational and motivational quotes. After you have your favourite quote, you can apply different stylish and attractive fonts to it. Here you will get the different coloured backgrounds for your quote. If you copy your quote, its background will disappear and only your quote will be copied if you want your quote with the background then you have to take the screenshot.

How to Download Stylish font Keyboard:

This is very important to download this app if you want to use this. But the question is how to download this app. . Where can I download this app? I will tell you how to download this app. You will find a download button at the end of this article. Click on it and download the app. Install it and enjoy the stylish font keyboard.




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