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Hello friends, If you want to create a Whatsapp sticker for your picture, I am going to tell you about an app that will help you to create Whatsapp stickers for your pictures. It app also allows its users to create gifts from videos and pictures for their Whatsapp. In this article, you will also learn how to download this app. In this article, I will tell you about another app that will give you many Whatsapp stickers and emojis for your Whatsapp. Read the complete article and enjoy these amazing sticker-maker apps on your phone.

Whatsapp sticker maker app:

This is a very amazing app. This is the best sticker maker app. In this app, you can make your sticker. You can make stickers for your photo. On this app, You can make very beautiful stickers for your photos. You can also make funny stickers on this app. When you chat with your friends they often send you different stickers. You can also make stickers of your photos with this app. You can surprise your friends by sending them your stickers. Whatsapp sticker maker is a very simple app. It is very easy to use. You can make a sticker of your photo with a little effort. It does not take too much time. This is a fantastic thing to make a sticker for your photo.

How to use this sticker maker app?

It is a very simple app. It is very easy to use this app. First of all, install this app. Then open the app. When you have opened this app you will see an option to create a new sticker. Click on this option. Then choose a sticker name. Sticker name means which type of sticker you want to create. For example funny stickers, lovely stickers etc. Then choose a sticker author name. You can type here your sir name or any nickname of your choice. Then click the ok button. Now select a photo from the gallery of your phone. You can also take photos from the camera and can make a sticker. Then draw an outline with your finger around your picture to select the area of the sticker. You can also add text to your photo. You can add text in different styles and colours.

It makes your stickers more beautiful. You can make the sticker by adding text only, without adding your photo. You are able to make the sticker of your favourite line or dialogue. If you want to write some on your sticker you also can text here in different beautiful colours. You will find here many stylish fonts that will increase the grace of your sticker. When you have done editing your sticker then click the save button and your sticker will be saved. You can share this sticker with your friends and cousins on Whatsapp.

You can add these stickers to your Whatsapp account. Once you have added the stickers to your Whatsapp, you do not need to open the app whenever you want to share the sticker. You see these stickers in your already present Whatsapp stickers.

Download Sticker Maker

Get unlimited Stickers Here.

Suppose you don’t want to use the sticker maker app or don’t want to create Whatsapp stickers. I will tell you about an app that will provide you with millions of Whatsapp stickers for free. It has many stickers made with emojis. You will see a large number of categories of stickers in this app. If you open the laughing emoji category this app will show you a lot of laughing stickers.

This app has many tabs in which you will see different stickers. On the home page, you will see all categories of stickers, you have to scroll down your screen to watch all categories of emojis. On the top of your screen, you will see different emojis, if you click on any emoji at the top menu it will show you all the related emojis and stickers to this sticker. This app not has only stickers but also gifts for Whatsapp. It shows stickers and gifts at the same time in the same tab.

How to Edit Stickers in the app:

Click on the ant sticker to edit it, you can change its background colour and you can rotate the sticker. After completing the editing of your sticker you can save it on your phone or can send it to anyone on Whatsapp. The best thing about this app is that you can find your favourite stickers and gifts in the same place.

You don’t need to use different apps for stickers and gifts. This app gives you all. You can find all types of Whatsapp stickers on this app. I see the most beautiful stickers on this app that I have never seen before. Therefore I love to use this app to send amazing stickers and gifts to my friends. If you want to download this app you have to click on the download below. After clicking on the download button you will be able to download this app very easily.




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