How to use Whatsapp on Laptop/PC

Hello friends. Have you a Laptop or Computer and you want to use your Whatsapp on your Laptop or Computer? In this article, I will tell you the best and easiest way to use Whatsapp on a laptop or computer. I will tell you the 2 different methods to use Whatsapp on a laptop or computer. Both methods are easy but you can choose one for you according to your interest. If you are using GB or FM Whatsapp on your mobile and you applied some privacy settings to your Whatsapp then you have to remember that on your laptop or computer you can use only the basic version of Whatsapp without any advance privacy.

  1. Install Whatsapp on your Laptop/PC
  2. Use Whatsapp web in any browser

1. Install Whatsapp on your windows.

This is our 1st method to use Whatsapp on Laptop/PC. In this method, you have to install Whatsapp on your laptop/PC. This is a little bit difficult to find and install the real Whatsapp app for windows. You can search on google ( Whatsapp for laptop or Computer) open the first website and install the application in your windows. Before installing Whatsapp remember to check your window version and select the right version for your Laptop/PC. Because if you are using the 64-bit window for your laptop and you install the Whatsapp for 32-bit window on your computer. This will never work in your active window, therefore install the Whatsapp version related to your laptop/PC window for better use.


Login Process after installing the app:

After installing the Whatsapp app in your windows, open it. You will see a code to scan with your phone camera to log in to your Whatsapp. Without your phone, you cant log in to your Whatsapp at laptop/Pc. Open your Whatsapp on your phone and click on the menu bar (3 dots) on the top right side of your mobile screen. You will see many options, Click on the linked devices, After this, you will see a green button (Link a device). when you will click on this button your phone’s camera will turn on automatically.


Scan QR code:

Now scan the code of the laptop/PC screen with the camera of your phone. After scanning the code it will take some time to read and optimize your messages, Pictures, and Videos on your Whatsapp. Once the scan is completed you will be redirected to your Whatsapp on your laptop screen. Now you can send SMS, pictures, and videos to your contacts on Whatsapp by using your Whatsapp. If you have GB Whatsapp on your mobile phone then some features of your GB Whatsapp will not work on your computer like,

  1. Hide blue tick
  2. Hide second tick
  3. Hide last seen
  4. Hide seen status
  5. Show blue tick after reply

But these settings of your Whatsapp will work well on your phone. Therefore you need not worry about it.


How to log in Again?

If you log out of Whatsapp from your laptop then you have to repeat the scanning process to log in to your Whatsapp on your laptop next time. If you don’t want to repeat the log-in process, Don’t log out of your Whatsapp, just close the tab by clicking on the cross sign on your laptop screen at the top right side. Next time when you will open Whatsapp on your PC you will automatically log in to your Whatsapp.

whatsapp web on laptop /PC

2. Use Whatsapp web to log in:

It is a quick and easy method to use Whatsapp on a laptop. If you do not have time to install the Whatsapp app, then This method will help you to save time.


how to log in to WhatsApp web online?

Open google chrome or any browser and search (log in WhatsApp) or(WhatsApp web). Open the first website, This website offers you to use your WhatsApp online in windows. You just have to scan the QR code with your mobile phone and your WhatsApp will be logged in. You will see only 3 days old messages in your chats and groups on the web WhatsApp. You can watch WhatsApp status and upload videos on your status.


How long can you use Whatsapp web?

You can use Whatsapp web as long as you want. But you can’t receive video or voice calls on the web. You just can send text and voice messages. You can receive large files, videos and pictures on the web but you can’t send videos larger than 65 MB on the web Whatsapp. That’s why the Whatsapp web is only for temporary use for the long term you have to use Whatsapp on your mobile phone.

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