How to save whatsapp status in 1 click

hello guys, If you want to save Whatsapp status but you don’t know to save status on Whatsapp then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you how to save status easily. I will tell you 3 methods to save the Whatsapp status.

1.  Use the latest Whatsapp versions to save Whatsapp status easily.

You can use these three versions of advanced Whatsapp to save status with just one click. Install any version of them on your phone.

  1. GB Whatsapp
  2. Yoo Whatsapp
  3. FM Whatsapp

How to save Whatsapp status in GB Whatsapp?

After installing GB Whatsapp on your phone. Open Gb Whatsapp, Go to the Gb settings, At the bottom, you will see the save status button, Turn on this button. After this when you open any status you will see a download button on the right side of your phone’s screen. You can easily download any status video in your phone gallery by clicking on this button.

How to save status in Yoo and FM Whatsapp?

Remember that GB, Yoo, and FM Whatsapp have the same settings and layouts. Therefore you can save status in FM and Yoo Whatsapp same as GB Whatsapp. The settings of GB Whatsapp have been explained above. Read these settings carefully and apply them on FM and Yoo Whatsapp. After applying these settings you will be able to save status in FM and Yoo Whatsapp.

How do you save other people’s status?

If you are using simple Whatsapp you have to install Whatsapp status saver from the play store to save the status of other people. In GB Whatsapp, you can save status just by clicking on the download button while watching status.

2. Use Whatsapp Status Saver to save Status.

This is a very simple and easy way to save status in your phone’s gallery. Open the Google play store on your phone and search Whatsapp status saver. Install the application and phone it. In this app, you will see three tabs Pictures, Videos, and Saved. At the pictures section, you will see the pictures uploaded by your contacts on the status feed. In the videos tab, you will see all the status videos of your contacts, and in the saved tab you will see the videos and pictures that you saved on your phone. This application will automatically create a folder ( status saver) in your phone’s gallery. You can find all the saved pictures and videos in this folder.

The best things about the status saver are that its interface is very simple and user-friendly. It does not show ads to the users. These 2 are the main reasons to use the status saver.

3. Save Whatsapp status with infinix smartphone.

If you are using an infinix smartphone, I am going to tell to the hidden feature of this phone. You will be shocked after knowing about this feature of the infinix smartphone. The hidden feature of the infinix phone is that you can save status with your phone without any status saver or GB Whatsapp. To save the status, open your phone’s file manager, and click on Whatsapp. Here you will see the all videos and pictures of your Whatsapp status. You can easily save them by clicking on them. 90% of people do not know about this feature of infinix smartphones.

You do not need any internet connection to use this feature of your phone. You can save videos and pictures on your phone only with the Whatsapp package. That’s why this is the best method to save status without any application. But remember only infinix smartphone users can save status with this feature because no other phone offers any type of this feature.

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