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Easy method to read deleted Messages on whatsapp

Hello friends. If you want to read deleted messages on Whatsapp I will tell you the best method to read these deleted messages. Sometimes people send us some videos and pictures and then they delete them. You also can see these deleted videos and pictures with these apps. There are many other ways to read deleted messages but I will tell you the best one. Many people get angry when they see any message on Whatsapp that the sender deletes. I tried many apps and finally Found some useful apps that really help me to read deleted messages on Whatsapp. Everyone wants apps of this type who face this problem on Whatsapp while chatting with friends. If you want to use these apps I will give you the all information about these apps.

Read Deleted messages.

You must do this if you want to read deleted messages on Whatsapp. If you have a simple Whatsapp or business Whatsapp this trick will not work on these Whatsapp. You have to install advanced Whatsapp like GB and FM. After getting an advanced Whatsapp version you can apply this trick to read deleted messages. This is a perfect method to recover and read deleted items on Whatsapp. Open the setting of your Whatsapp and go to the advanced settings. Here you will see many options like anti-delete messages, Anti delete Status and Anti delete media like pictures and videos. Open the first option and turn on this setting, after turning it on if anyone sends you a message and then he deletes it. It will not delete from your Whatsapp. You can read this message anytime. You will see a particular sign with the messages which are deleted. This is the best thing to find the messages which are deleted. This is an anti-delete message trick. You also can listen to deleted voice messages on your Whatsapp by turning on this setting. This trick will show you the deleted text and voice messages on Whatsapp.



How to read deleted messages on this app?

If you want to see the deleted pictures on your Whatsapp, you also can do it with this trick. To apply this trick on your Whatsapp, open the advanced settings and go to the anti-delete pictures section. Here you will see all information about watching deleted pictures. This section will provide you with complete information related to the deleted pictures. After getting full information turn on this setting and refresh your phone. Open your Whatsapp and open any chat. You will see all the deleted pictures without any description. A significant symbol will show you the deleted pictures. When someone deletes a picture from your Whatsapp your screen will blink and your will come to know that picture is deleted by the sender. This setting will help you very much to save the deleted pictures on your Whatsapp. This is a very useful method for Whatsapp users to see deleted media files on Whatsapp.

Use this app to read messages.

If you don’t want to use advanced Whatsapp, you can use this app to read deleted messages. You can read deleted voices and text messages with this app. After installing this app, open it and allow it to read and watch messages on your Whatsapp. After getting access to your Whatsapp this app will start working to find the deleted messages of your Whatsapp. You don’t have to open this app to check the messages. When this app finds any deleted message on your Whatsapp it will show you a notification to read it. You can read these messages from this notification. You also can see the deleted picture and videos in this app. This is an all-in-one app for Whatsapp users. You can see your deleted message, pictures, and video at a time in one place.

How to install this app?

If you want to install this app on your phone, go to the google play store and search delete message reader for Whatsapp. Install the first application and allow this app to access your Whatsapp. This app will automatically show you the deleted items from your Whatsapp. Don’t stop this app from running on your phone. If you freeze this app this will not show you the deleted messages. You also can find this app on google.

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