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Friends If you are a student and want to earn money on your mobile. I will tell you about an online earning app. You can easily earn up to 1000 rupees per day on this earning app. This is not only an app this is a part-time job for students. There are thousands of students looking for part-time jobs and trying to earn some money online on their mobile phones. But they don’t find a good platform for online earning. This is a very common problem among students. Every student wants to earn money online but they don’t know how to earn it online. Today I am going to solve this problem for students. In this article, I will tell you about an app on which you can earn money by selling pictures and documents, Watching videos, Doing surveys, and many more.

There are many other online earning websites but you need to have any skill to earn money on these websites. Therefore I am telling you about this app because many of us don’t have a skill and it is very difficult to earn money online without any skill. Many peoples are earning 10000 to 20000 monthly on this app. You also can see their payment proof from this online earning app.

Watch payment proof of this app:

How to earn money on this earning app?

This is very easy to earn money on this app. Because this app has a straightforward interface. Anyone can easily understand what to do on this app but I will give you the complete tutorial of this app. After installing open this app and allow all the required access. After doing all setup you will be redirected to the dashboard of the app which is called the main page. On this page, you will see all information about your work, Earnings, remaining tasks, pending income, completed tasks etc.

On this app, you can earn money through these works

  1. watch video
  2. do surveys
  3. Sell documents
  4. getting freedom cards
  5. collecting gift cards
  6. playing games

Watch videos on earning app:

You will see this option to watch the videos in the work list. Open the section and you will see available videos to watch. Watch these video one by one and click on done after completing a single video. Coins will be transferred to your wallet after watching all videos. This app will give you a maximum of 100 cash for a video. if you want you can easily convert these coins to any currency in this app store. You also can check the exchange rate of these coins in the store. You can withdraw your coins after every 7 days. This is a very popular and easy work on this app. I will not explain surveys because I don’t like this work. It is a very slow process.

Share documents:

This is my favourite work on this app. This work is suitable for students. Because students can earn a good amount of money by sharing their notes and solving questions and assignments. I also have earned a lot of money by this method. But if you are not a student you can’t do this work. It is very easy for students because students have lots of notes and assignments. They also write many new assignments every month. Therefore they just have to share the assignments and notes with other people on this app and they will get paid for it.

Earn money by Collecting gift cards.

This is a superb method to earn a massive amount of money on this earning app. When you will work properly on this app you will get gift cards from time to time. Regular users get more gift cards as compared to new users. The gift cards contain different rewards for users like dollars, BTC, Coins, and many valuable things in the app. When you will open your card if you see dollars or coins in it it will be added to your balance. If you get any other thing from your gift card you can sell it in the store of this app.

After using this app regularly for a month you will get a big prize. But if you miss a single day you will not get it. I got a 3000 rupees prize for working on this app for a month. Work daily on this app to get this monthly reward.


play games and earn money on this earning app.

Many peoples think it is fake. But I will give you my earning proof from this app. This app is fantastic. Many peoples are earning thousands of rupees on this app. You also can earn money on this app by playing games on it. This is the easiest way to earn money on mobile. You will see many games in this app you can play any of them. While playing the game and after completing a level get will get coins. These coins are very valuable in this game. You can buy different things from the store to play the game by coins these coins. You also can sell these coins in the store. You will get these coins in every game in this app. You can earn money as much as you collect the coins.

When you have 10000 coins you can withdraw them into your account. You can easily earn 1000 rupees in one hour by playing these games. You can withdraw your money in your easy paise and JazzCash accounts once 1 a week. You also can use other payment methods like WebMoney, Payeer, and Payoneer. This is the best platform for students who want to earn money online on mobile. This is a real paying app. This app is 100% legit. Many peoples are using this app and they never face any problems with this app. This app doesn’t require any additional information to use. If you are facing any problems with the app tell us in the comments below.

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