How to Check sim owner name and location

Hello friends, welcome to my website. In today’s article, I will tell you about an app that you will be surprised to know. This is a very amazing app, with the help of this app you can find out the sim owner details. if someone calls you from that unknown number and you are worried about that number. And you want to know the data of this number. So you don’t need to call or SMS him and ask him who you are. You just have to install an app on your mobile and with the help of this app, you can find the data and location of any phone number for free.

This app will give you the sim owner details like name, original id card number and live location. Using this app is very easy and simple. This is a very amazing app no ​​one will tell you about this app. All you have to do is open the app and write the phone number you want to know about. So this app will provide you with all information about this number. In this way, you can find out who is using this SIM and from where. I will guide you completely on how to download and use this app on your phone to get the sim owner details.

Now let me explain to you how to use this app

How to use this app to get details?

First of all, install the app on your phone. Then click on the app to open it. When you will open the app you will see the four options:

  • SIM Checker 1
  • SIM Checker 2
  • SIM Checker 3
  • SIM Checker 4
  • Location
  • CNIC Info

The first four options allow us to check the details of the SIM. Click on any one of the options to check the Sim details. When you will click any one of the options, You will see a block. Put that phone number in the block about which you want to get details. If you try to get the sim owner details with the first or third option you have to enter the mobile number without the first zero. For example, every phone number in Pakistan starts with 03000… but you have the write the phone number without zero like 3000…

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This is very surprising for everyone that this app asked to enter the phone number without zero. If you try the second and fourth options to get sim owner details you can enter the phone number with country code or with first zero or without first zero. Therefore I suggest you use the 2nd and 4th options to get the phone number details in this app because these options are very easy to use. You can enter the phone number you want.

How to check sim owner details?

Open any section and put the phone number in the block to get the details of this phone number and press enter. It will take some time to load the details. After loading you will get sim owner details. You will see the sim owner’s name, the Sim owner’s CNIC number, the Postal address of the sim owner and the address of the sim owner. Sometimes you will only get the sim owner’s name and CNIC number, not the address and postal address.

How to get CNIC info?

This is a very interesting feature of this app. This feature will help you to know the division, district and Province of any CNIC number. For example: if you have a CNIC number and you want to get details of this CNIC number. Just install this app, Open it and go to the CNIC section of this app. Enter the CNIC number it will tell you that CNIC belongs to the Which District, Division and Province?

How to Download this app?

The main point is how to download this app. There are many apps available to check sim details but these apps do not work well. I will provide you with the best app to check the sim owner details for free. You will see a download button at the bottom of this page. This button will take you to the apps directly. Download and install the app on your phone and check the details of unlimited phone numbers for free on your phone. We hope you will enjoy the information about checking sim owner details on phone. Download

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