Cap cut complete video editing guide

Cap cut is a free video editor. Most of the people who upload their videos on social media use Capcut for editing their videos. You can easily edit your videos on Cap cut. Its use is very easy and it is a free app.

How to use Cap cut?

Cap cut is very simple to use. First, open the app and click on the new project and then select the clip you want to edit. Now click on the selected clip for more options like edit, crop, rotate and split. Click the white area around your photos or video to shorten or increase the length of the clip. You can also delete the part of your clip you want to remove. In Capcut you can make the video in any format. You can edit a video for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram stories, Instagram reels and many others.

Cap cut has two types of speed edits:

1) Normal
On taping the normal speed you can simply speed up or slow down the clip
2) Curve
In curve speed edit you can add the beats to make the clip speedy or slow down at the point you want. You can easily match the beat of the music.

Cap cut  video animations:

The other interesting thing is that you can apply several animations to your clip There are three types of animation in Cap cut.

  1. In animation.
  2. Out animation.
  3. Combo.

Another interesting thing is that you can easily remove the background of your video or photo. You can remove the background with just a click. You can apply the beautiful background of your choice to your clip.


How to add music to your photos or videos?

If you want to add sound to your clip click on the audio button. Then click on the sounds button. Now you can choose audio from your device. Click on the sound you want to play and then click the + button to add the sound to your clip
By clicking on the Extract sound from a video you can also extract the music from any video on your device and use it in your clip.
Another interesting feature of Capcut is that you can also log in to your TikTok account and use the sounds that you have added to favourites in your TikTok account. You can also use the sounds given by the Cap cut. You can also record your voice and apply it to the clip. If you want to mute the clip then tap on the clip you are editing and click the volume button and drag the volume line to zero.


How to add overlay in your video in the cap cut?

You can add an overlay to your clip. Click the overlay button, select the pic or video to want to and then click the add button. You can also crop and rotate the picture or video you have added. You can remove the background of added picture or video and can also apply several beautiful filters and animations. You can apply the many beautiful and charming filters to your clip.


How to add effects to your video?

Click on the Effects and you get a lot of lovely effects. You can find romantic or Love Effects here. You can also find natural, party, split screen type effects in the Cap cut. You can add many effects to your clip. The effect that you want to apply to your clip simply click on that effect and it will be applied to your clip. You can set the duration of effect. Long press on an effect you like and want to add in favourites.

On clicking the Adjust you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure and temperature of the clip. You can also sharpen and highlight the colours. You can also make the edges blur off your clip by clicking on Vintage.


How to add text to your video in cap cut?

You can add text to your clip. You can type here in many languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Indonesian and Portuguese. You can also text here in Arabic and Vietnamese. In Capcut you found a lot of stylish and lovely fonts. You can apply beautiful fonts to your text. You can set the duration of text and can apply best in-out and combo animations to text.

You can text here in different colours and styles. In Capcut you found many beautiful colours. You can choose the colours of your choice and make the text charming. You can also add many lovely stickers to your clip. By adding stickers to your clip you can make it more charming and graceful.

How to export video from cap cut?

When you have done with your clip and want to export/save your video Simply click on the arrow given at the top right side and your video will be exported.

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