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Hello friends, In this article, I will tell you about the best video editing app apps for iPhone, and Android phones without watermarks. You can use video editing apps on your iPhone and Android without any cost or watermark. All these video editing apps are useable for both iPhone and android phones. This is amazing about these applications. There are too many video editing apps without watermarks. But I will tell you about the best apps which have more free features, video effects, free video frames, and a lot of good stickers. These apps are very user-friendly. I will also tell you some secret video editing tricks for these editing applications.


  1. Kine Master video editor
  2. Tiktok video editor


Kine Master video editing app:

Kinemaster is the most popular video editing app in the world. It has 100+ million downloads and 5+ million reviews on the google play store. You can edit 7 different types of videos on kine master.

  • Youtube videos 16:9
  • Youtube Shorts 9:16
  • Instagram Videos 1:1
  • Instagram Shorts 4:5
  • TV videos 4:3
  • Sinema Videos 3:4
  • Cinemascope format 2.35:1

Most kine master users use kine master to edit videos for youtube and Social media like Tiktok, Snack video and Facebook reels. You can voiceover your videos in kine master. Its voice recording quality is awe-inspiring. It has many typing fonts. You can upload and use your private font in kine master. You can add subscribe button and many other things to your video in kine master. You can easily change the background of your videos by using kine master. You can add arrows, circles, and lines to your video to highlight something.

Photo editing in kine master:

Kine master is also a good photo editor app. You can edit your pictures on kine master by using its effects, background removers, colour changer, and Animations. You also can make thumbnails for your youtube videos. Kine master allows you to add pictures to pictures. It is very important to make a thumbnail for a youtube video. You can text on your videos and Pictures in kine master. after completing your editing you can export your video to your phone’s gallery very easily. Before exporting your video you can adjust your video quality like 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.  720p is perfect for youtube videos. You can select 360p or 480p for social media videos.

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Tiktok video editing app:

More than 50% of TikTok users just use TikTok to watch videos. Most Peoples think TikTok is a platform where we can watch our favourite videos, favourite actors, and many other types of videos like cricket videos, football videos, wrestling videos, and funny videos. But they don’t know TikTok is one of the best video editing free apps in the world. Tiktok is the only video editing app that provides you with millions of free video filters, free video effects and unlimited free music for your social media video.

How to edit a video on Tiktok?

After creating your account on TikTok you can edit and upload your videos on TikTok. Open TikTok on your phone and click on the + icon to upload your video for editing on TikTok. You will see many options on the right side of your mobile screen. You can add different effects to your video by clicking on the effect option. Here you will get more than 1000 video effects. These effects make the video more interesting and attractive. You can change the colour and background of the video by using the filter on your video. The filter removes the darkness from the video.

On the bottom of your phone screen, you will see an option for music. Here you can find your favourite music and songs. You can use the music from your phone gallery. If you watch any video on TikTok and you like its music, you can add this music to your favourite and can use this music on your video. After completing the editing of your video you can upload it on TikTok or can save it to your phone. Photo editing is easier than video editing on TikTok, its means we can edit photos on TikTok the same as videos.



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