Best decoration apps for mobile screens.

Hello guys. Welcome to my website Today I come up with a very interesting topic. This topic is about decorating mobile screens. if you are a mobile lover and you like to see your mobile screen beautiful and glowing then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you about the best decoration apps for mobile screens. These apps will help you to make your mobile screen good-looking and bright. You can decorate the screen of your mobile as you want with the help of these decoration apps. I love to decorate my mobile’s screen and I hope you will also like to decorate the screen of your phone. Let’s talk about the decoration apps.

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Edge Lighting:

The best app to decorate your mobile screen is edge lighting. This is my favourite app. I always use this app to decorate my phone’s screen. This app is very simple to use and its interface is very classic. I am going to tell you the complete process to decorate your screen with this app. Open the Edge lighting decorating app and turn on the glowing screen by clicking on the button which shows on the top of your mobile screen. Without turning on the glowing screen, you cannot decorate your phone screen with this app.

Colours selection for screen decoration:

After allowing the glowing screen you have to select the colours that your want to see around the screen of your phone. When you turn off the mobile screen these colours will show around the screen. The middle part of your screen will show black. If you don’t want to see the middle part of your screen black you can add your favourite pictures. Also, you can make a Running wallpaper with your favourite colours for the middle part of your screen.

Settings of decoration app:

Now I am going to tell you about the important settings of the Edge Lighting app. These setting tips will make your screen amazing and attractive in looks. Don’t select more than 4 colours for the border decoration, because more colours will decrease the shine of your screen. You can select many colours for the middle parts of your phone’s screen. Here’s the pro tip is that don’t use any wallpaper for the middle part of the screen, because a black screen with a colourful border looks more attractive.

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Butterfly glow:

Bufferfly glow is an amazing app for decorating mobile screens. Here’s the complete guide to decorating the phone’s screen with butterfly glow. Open the butterfly glow app and select the colours of buffer flies that you want to see on your wallpaper and screen saver. After choosing the colours select the animation for the butterflies. Choosing animation is the main part to decorate the screen. Because the unique animation of butterflies will make your screen saver attractive. after making the screen saver save it and apply it on your phone as a wallpaper or screen saver or both.

If you want to use butterfly glow as a screen saver then you have to remember it will decrease your phone’s battery timing. I will suggest you use it as wallpaper because flying butterflies will increase the grace of your phone wallpaper. If you love Light colours then use these colours for butterflies.

  • Sky Blue
  • Baby Pink
  • Christine 
  • Feldspar
  • Bronze
  • Peach

If you like dark colours then choose these colours for your wallpaper.

  • Red 
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Maroon
  • Burgundy
  • Rust

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I hope that information about the apps will be very helpful for you. If you like the information please share it with your friends.

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