3 Best ways to make Money with Youtube

hello, friends welcome to my website www.apkplaza.com I am back with another great idea for online earning. In this article, I will tell you the 3 best methods to make money with YouTube. These methods are fantastic. Many people make money from Youtube by following these methods. People are making millions of dollars with this method. If you want to make money you just have to work properly on these ideas and you will be able to earn money within 30 days. No one other will tell you these secret methods of earning money on YouTube. Some people are selling these money-making methods as their secret online earning courses for 1000$ to 3000$.

  1. Make money by monetizing your Content on youtube
  2. Make money by sponsorship on youtube
  3. Make money by Promoting Affiliate Products

Make Money with youtube channel monetization:

First of all, you have to create your youtube channel. It is very easy to create a channel on youtube. You will find lots of videos on youtube about how to create your youtube channel. I am not going to tell you how to create a channel on youtube.  Select a name for your youtube channel suitable to the content. You can upload vlogs and informative videos on your channel. You can also upload entertaining videos.  No matter which type of videos you are uploading, the point is that you have to work regularly. Upload high-quality videos. Use the 9:16 frame for your videos. You will get money after channel monetization.

Requirements for channel monetization:

There are 2 requirements for youtube channel monetization.

  • 1k subscribers
  • 4k hours time watch

If you will upload videos daily, youtube will promote your videos. Youtube will recommend your videos to more people. The most important thing that you should remember while uploading videos is that do not copy others’ videos. otherwise, your channel can get a copyright strike. If your channel gets a copyright strike then there is a danger that your channel will be terminated. Upload your content.


Make money from sponsors on youtube:

More than 60% of YouTubers make more dollars from sponsors than from their YouTube channel earnings. It’s not easy for new YouTubers to get sponsorship. Sponsors always target the big youtube channel for their content promotion. For example, if a youtube channel has more than 100K average views on its video it can easily demand up to 1000$ for promotion to the sponsor. Some big companies like hosting companies give 3000$ to 10000$ to a single youtube channel for their promotion in 2 to 4 videos. which is more than the 6 months earning of a youtube channel.

If you want to earn money from sponsors you have to grow your youtube channel very fast. You have to upload videos daily. Don’t forget to give your E-mail address in the description of your videos. In the begging, don’t demand a very high amount from the sponsor for promotion. When you will promote someone in a low amount he will offer you a big amount for the next time. Might be possible for him to start working with you for a long time if this happens it will be very good for you. If you will work honestly for your sponsors it will increase your trust among sponsors and you will get more offers from sponsorship.

earn money with youtube

You will need to have a Paypal, Payeer, Payoneer or a bank account to receive payment from sponsors. Most of the sponsor companies are belongs to USA, U.K and Canada. Therefore you need to have a secure and international payment method to receive money from sponsors.


Make money by promoting affiliate products.

This is very easy to make money by promoting affiliate products. Promoting affiliate products means you sell other products online for commission. For example, an established company like Amazon has many products for sale. The company let others sell their products by paying them a commission.

You can promote the products of Daraz, Amazon and Alibaba. For this purpose, you have to create an account on these websites. Then copy the link of a product that you want to promote. Describe the details about the products in your video and upload it on your youtube channel, Facebook page and on other social media platforms. Paste the link to that product in the description of your video. When someone buys the product with your affiliate link you will get your commission.

Which is the best platform for affiliate marketing?

Amazon is the best platform for affiliate marketing. Because you can promote different items on amazon. if you want to earn a high commission you have to promote hosting and Online paid tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. These types of websites give 100$ to 500$ per sale. But it is not easy to sell many hosting plans in a month to earn a decent amount. Therefore amazon is the best affiliate marketing platform.


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