3 best offline android games free

Are you looking for the best free offline android games? If you are finding the best offline android games, I will tell you about the 3 best offline android games. These games are very interesting. You can play these games o  your android phone with any wifi connection. I will tell you about 3 different games. It is effortless to play these games. Since these games are different from each other you can enjoy playing various games at one time on your phone. These are 3D games therefore you will b happy to see the design and graphics of these games. The sound of these games is fantastic. If you are a music lover you can enjoy the music and gameplay at the same time.

These games are more interesting compared to other games because these games have many challenges for players. You can increase your experience of a game by completing the challenges. Once you get some experience with a game then it becomes very easy for you to complete the game. These games are very impressive because you can enjoy them when you do not have the internet. Now I am going to explain the features of these games. you will get all information about these games below. These games are only for android phones you cant play these games on a laptop or computer.

Subway Surfers.

This is a very popular game among mobile-phone users. This game was launched in 2012. From that time to now this game becomes popular and popular. Millions of people love this game. This game has 1000+ million installs on the google play store. This is very joyful to play this game.

How to play Subway Surfers?

This is very easy to play this game. Open this game on your phone. You will see an animation of the gameplay on your screen, After watching this animation click on the continue. After loading you will see a button on your screen to play the game. Click on the button to start playing the game. Before playing you will see many options on your screen like changing characters, volume settings, rewards and challenges. You can set your volume, running speed volume, and background music in the music settings. You can your character in the game settings. When you will reach the higher levels you will be able to get a fast and powerful character.

While playing this game you can control your player by swiping the screen. On the screen swipe left to take your player to the left side. Swipe your screen right to take your player right. Swipe up to jump and swipe down to slip down the player. After running 200 to 300 meters in the game you will get flying suits and magic shows. These help you to cover the distance at very high speed without any damage because when you will wear the flying suit your player will start flying and it will cover a long distance without any damage. When you will wear magic shows your player will destroy everything which comes in its way and he will not get a little bit of damage. This is the best game in the list of offline android games.

Candy Crush Saga:

Candy crush is one of the most popular games. The best thing about this app is that this is offline. This is a very amazing and joyful app. This is a great app if you are bored or just looking to pass the time.

How To use  Candy Crush Saga App?

After installing it on your phone open the candy crush saga. When you will open this app you will see an option of play. Click that play option and the first level of your game will be started. Before starting every level you will see a tutorial that how to play this level. If you don’t want to see the tutorial you can also skip it and start playing your level. In this game, you will see candies of different kinds and colours. Match the three or more than three same candies to blast.

The interesting thing is that this game doesn’t bor us because every level is different and more joyful than the other. If you complete your level on the first attempt you will get a golden crown as a reward. All the levels are locked. When you will play a level and pass it then the next level will be unlocked. As you go to the higher and higher levels the game becomes more interesting and fantastic.

Hill Climb Racing:

It is the most popular game in car racing and driving games. This game is full of fun and adventure. You will never get bor from this game. This game has super fun. At the beginning of the game, you will get a car and a low-level road. All other powerful cars and good roads are locked. You have to unlock them by spending coins. You also can tune your car by spending coins in the store to increase its speed and performance on the low-level road. The tracks and roads on this game have no limit. You can travel millions of miles on these roads.

Guide to playing Hill Climb Racing:

When you will open this game you will see many different and powerful cars and trucks on your screen. But you can use only one simple car other cars and trucks are locked. You can unlock them by collecting coins from the road while playing. Select the first car and click on the continue button. Here you will see many roads and adventure tracks but at the first level, you only can play on the simple road. Select the road and again click on continue. Now you will see many options to upgrade your car’s Suspension, Engine, and Take more fuel.

Remember you can’t upgrade anything in your car without coins. Click on the play to play the game. After clicking on the play, you will get your car on the road. You will see 2 options on your screen. On the left side of your screen, you will see a Handle to accelerate your car. On the right side, you will see the brakes of your car. You can control your car with these 2 handles. You will get fuel on the road every 90 meters. Your car will automatically collect coins from the road. After collecting coins you can easily unlock any road and car by clicking on the unlock button.

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